Industries Served

For more than 55 years, we have manufactured ultra-durable steel tubing for a wide variety of industries, including automotive, HVAC, appliance, recreational, construction, and more.


Phillips Tube Group is a recognized leader in the residential and commercial furnace markets. We are the largest producer of heat exchanger tubes for 80 and 90 plus efficiency units. Heat exchanger tube is produced in both Aluminized and Stainless steel.

We also produce multiple sizes of welded steel tube for radiant heat applications.

Our steel tubes are capable of severe fabrication and are a lightweight, cost-effective solution that ensures a highly durable product.

Frame Base

For commercial furnaces

Heat Exchangers

Severely fabricated, corrosion & heat-resistant tubes

Burner Tubes

Custom designed for your application


Phillips Tube Group is proud to be recognized as the highest quality and most-reliable manufacturer to the gas-fired appliance industry. Our burner tubes and manifold tubes for gas-fired appliances are either aluminized or produced from heavy wall HRPO.

In addition, a diverse array of dishwashers are built upon, and supported by, our base rail tube varieties.

Automotive Fuel & Fluid Systems

Driven by quality, we build more fuel filler tubes than any other manufacturer - which is why we’re proud to be the #1 major fuel filler tube manufacturer in the world.

These tubes are ZNNI coated and severely formed during fabrication. Our quality control and material consistency has resulted in very low PPMs and is the driving force behind why we are the preferred supplier globally. We also supply vent tubes, dipstick and fluid tubes for other applications as well.

All of our tubes are capable of severe fabrication and are a lightweight, cost-effective solution while still retaining a highly durable product.

Fuel Filler & Vent Tubes

Lightweight, speciality, coated & highly formable

Wiper Systems

Hot dip galvanized steel for strength & corrosion resistance

Oil & Fluid Dipstick Tubes

Lightweight, cost effective

Oil Pump Tubes

High-tensile strength, lightweight design for low PPMs

Automotive Interior Steel Tube

Interior systems including seating, the instrument panel and accessories require tube-like IP support tubes for the steering columns, armrest, seating systems, visors, roller shades and cargo covers. Our high-tensile, yet lightweight products help auto suppliers lower PPMs and rev up their bottom lines.

We understand the importance of lightweight, high-strength steel in the automotive industry. This is why we have spent years researching and implementing lightweight steel products for automotive tube components that can be found in many aspects of the interior of a vehicle from the lightweight seating frames and armrests to roller shades and visors.


Trunk Lid Hinges

Instrument Panel Support Tubes

Custom fabricated to your exact specifications

Headrest, Sun Visor & Seat Adjuster Bar

Small-diameter heavy wall

Roller Shade Tubes

Lightweight, small-diameter tubing with corrosion resistance

Seating & Armrest Components

High-strength, low alloy tube capable of severe fabrication

Exhaust & Offroad Vehicle Welded Tube

In the exterior and off-road areas, you can find our tube on vehicles for their exhaust systems including hangers, wiper systems, grill guards and step bars. These products are made to be lightweight yet durable and protective.

We’re proud to be your cost-effective solution to any welded steel tube product for exterior automotive or off-road vehicle tube.

Bed Rails

Step Bars

Stabilizer Control Arm Tubes

Grill Guards

Exhaust Components

Hangers, EGRs, exhaust tubes

Material Handling

We manufacture welded steel tube used in conveyor systems that move boxes and products throughout distribution operations.

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