Steel Tubing in Appliance Manufacturing: The Backbone of Durability and Efficiency


In the world of appliance manufacturing, steel tubing is indispensable. At Phillips Tube Group, we specialize in providing superior, cut-to-length steel tubing solutions tailored for various appliances. Our focus on quality and precision supports the construction of more efficient, durable, and safe products.

Gas-Fired Appliances

Our expertise shines in the realm of gas-fired appliances, such as dryers and ranges. We supply both burner tubes and manifold tubes crafted from aluminized steel or heavy wall HRPO, designed to efficiently manage gas flow. These components are crucial for ensuring optimal performance and safety, making them a top choice for manufacturers seeking reliability and durability.


For dishwashers, our steel tubing is used to create robust base rails. These rails provide critical structural support, accommodating the operational demands and design specifications of modern dishwashers. The strength and adaptability of our tubing ensure that it can meet the rigorous requirements of the appliance industry.


Manufacturing Excellence

As a woman-owned business with 56 years of experience, Phillips Tube Group is proud to manufacture all products in the USA. This not only supports local economies but also allows us to maintain stringent quality control over every piece of tubing we produce. We are recognized as the highest quality and most reliable manufacturer in the gas-fired appliance industry, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Custom Solutions

Understanding that no two manufacturers’ needs are the same, we offer customizable tubing solutions. Our clients can rely on us not just as suppliers, but as partners who are dedicated to ensuring their products meet the highest standards of quality and performance. While we do not offer standalone fabrication services, our tubing is precision-made to integrate seamlessly into your appliance manufacturing process.

Commitment to Quality

Phillips Tube Group stands out for our refusal to compromise on quality. Made in the USA, our steel tubing guarantees that your appliances will benefit from components that offer superior strength and durability.

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