We are your partner for all your tubing-related needs. Our expert team can assist in those additional processes, specialty cutting, bending, swedging, piercing or other types of fabrication. Our goal is to provide you with a durable tube that will drop directly into your assembly process.

Cutting, End-Forming

We can help with cutting, finishing to meet your specifications. We have a history of quality, reliability and consistency and can make sure your tubing endures extreme fabrication. We offer a variety of cutting and tube fabrication services depending on your length requirements, tolerances and end condition.

Bending and Fabrication

We have several types of benders and will review with your engineers so we can provide the tube fabrication services best suited for your needs. Streamlining processes in both our operation and yours will ensure the most efficient production of your steel tube needs.

Export Packaging & Facilitation

Shipping a product overseas? You need the comfort of knowing that your supplier can get it there safely. For your export tubing needs, look no further.

We ship to Canada, Mexico, Asia, Europe, and Australia through our qualified logistics providers. We can facilitate shipping your product to make it a hassle-free experience for you every time.

JIT & Consignment Warehousing

Inventory management is a cost for any business. That’s why we effectively meet the demand of JIT shipments and inventory planning. This service allows our customers to minimize costly raw material inventory. We are ready to meet your JIT delivery needs.

An additional service we offer our customers is consignment warehousing. This allows a faster turnaround because the stock is ready to use when you need it and you don’t have to pay for the product until it is used. Let us know your needs today and we can find the consignment warehousing solution that works best for you.

PLEX ERP connectivity

Our plants have been running on PLEX for over five years now. We work with many other PLEX customers and have found ways to simplify the order to shipment processes. If you are using ERP, we will work with you to find the most efficient process for both of our companies.

R.H. Phillips Trucking

R.H. Phillips Trucking is located in Shelby, Ohio, near Phillips Tube Group-Shelby. This service is available to our customers within a 300-mile radius of our Ohio locations, including Phillips Tube Group -Middletown.

We help our customers cut their supply chain with our competitive delivery, and we control the schedule to better serve our customers and your JIT needs.

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