Galvanized Steel Tubing

This product is excellent in corrosive environments. Commonly used for outdoor products like automotive, fence, DOT, and agriculture, or highly corrosive products in or near water, this product holds up to the elements for longer product life.

A powerful alloy, zinc safeguards steel’s strength against the wear of time and elements.


For more specialized applications, look to Phillips Tube’s Galvalume, Galvannealed or Electrogalvanized Steel Tube.


Galvalume Steel Tube


Coated with a zinc-aluminum alloy, galvalume steel tube combines the corrosion and heat resistance of aluminum with the added strength of zinc for an extra sturdy shield against the elements and temperatures. Perfect for applications demanding long-term resistance to atmospheric corrosion, such as automotive fuel and fluid systems, and automotive exteriors and off-road vehicles.

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Galvannealed Steel Tube


Galvannealed steel tube receives an all over, continuous coating of zinc before undergoing additional heat. Induction heating alloys the zinc coating with the steel core to create a zinc-iron alloy. The final galvannealed steel tube adds corrosion protection and excellent paint adhesion to the muscle of steel. Common in automotive, HVAC and general manufacturing.

Welded Steel Tube manufactured by Phillips Tube Group

Electrogalvanized Steel Tube


The work of an electric current, electrogalvanized steel tube receives its excellent corrosion resistance from a thinner zinc coating. Without sacrificing protection, Electrogalvanization creates a tube with superior surface quality and smoothness for paintability or powder coating. Popular for auto bodies, appliances and small parts.