High-Quality Steel Tubing for HVAC Systems


Phillips Tube Group is a premier provider of steel tubing specifically designed for HVAC applications, backed by over 57 years of manufacturing excellence in the USA. As a women-owned business, we prioritize precision, durability, and quality in every tube we produce.


Core Material for HVAC Efficiency

Our steel tubes are a fundamental component in residential and commercial HVAC units. Known for exceptional durability and precise manufacturing, our tubing is essential for constructing high-efficiency furnaces. We specialize in producing both Aluminized and Stainless steel tubes, tailored for heat exchanger applications, enhancing the functionality and efficiency of HVAC systems.

Specialized Production for Heat Exchangers

We are the largest producer of heat exchanger tubes for both 80 and 90 plus efficiency units. The use of our steel tubing in these applications underscores its reliability and performance under demanding conditions. Whether for new installations or maintenance, our tubes ensure optimal heat transfer and system efficiency.

Customized Burner Tubes

Understanding the unique needs of various HVAC applications, we provide customized burner tubes designed to fit specific requirements. These tubes are crucial for efficient heating processes, tailored to maximize performance and fit seamlessly into any HVAC design.

Severely Fabricated Tubes

Our tubes undergo severe fabrication processes to meet the exacting needs of our clients. This capability allows us to offer solutions that are both lightweight and highly durable, making them ideal for demanding HVAC applications where quality cannot be compromised.

Frame Base Tubes for Commercial Furnaces

In addition to our range of tubing for residential systems, we also specialize in frame base tubes for commercial furnaces. These are crafted to support large-scale HVAC systems, providing a sturdy and reliable foundation that enhances overall system stability and longevity.

Group of air conditioner units. 3D illustration.

Lightweight and Durable Solutions

Our commitment to quality means we only produce tubing that meets the highest standards. Designed to be lightweight yet robust, our steel tubes offer a cost-effective solution that does not compromise on durability. This makes them perfect for modern, high-efficiency HVAC systems that require reliable and long-lasting components.

Leading Innovation in HVAC Tubing

Phillips Tube Group continually innovates to meet the evolving needs of the HVAC industry. Our steel tubes undergo rigorous testing and quality checks, ensuring they perform exceptionally in all HVAC applications. By focusing solely on producing the best tubes in the industry, we help our clients achieve better system performance and efficiency.

Partner with Us

For HVAC industry professionals looking for superior steel tubing solutions, Phillips Tube Group offers unmatched expertise and quality. Our dedicated focus on HVAC applications allows us to provide you with tubing that meets your specific needs and enhances the overall performance of your systems. Contact us today to find out how our tubing can make a difference in your HVAC projects.