Coated Steel Tube

Our metallic coatings offer heat resistance, weather protection and advanced paint adhesion to extend the life of your product.

Aluminized Steel Tube

Continuous hot-dip coating includes an aluminum-silicon alloy layer, creating the corrosion protection and heat resistance. This product is available in Type 1 aluminized coating in various coating weights. Used in gas-fired appliances, heating and exhaust systems.

Galvanized Steel Tube

Continuous hot-dip or electric zinc coating to protect against the most corrosive environments, making it a popular choice for automotive, appliance, HVAC and construction fabricators. Available in conventional galvanized, galvalume, galvannealed and electrogalvanized.

Zinc Nickel Steel Tube

Zinc-nickel provides advanced protection in the most corrosive applications. Easily powder coated, it’s well-suited for fuel systems in both on and off-road vehicles.

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