Steel Tube Cutting and End-Forming Services


Phillips Tube Group is dedicated to delivering precision-cut and expertly end-formed steel tubing, essential for a wide range of applications in appliances and beyond. With over 57 years in business, our made-in-the-USA commitment ensures you receive only the highest quality tubing tailored to your specific needs.


Precision Cutting Services

We provide comprehensive cut-to-length steel tubing services to meet the exact specifications of our clients. Whether you need short pieces for compact appliances or longer sections for structural components, our cutting technology ensures precise lengths with minimal waste. This tailored approach not only enhances efficiency in your production line but also maintains the integrity and strength of each tube.

Advanced End-Forming Techniques

End-forming is crucial for ensuring that steel tubes fit perfectly within your assembly with no leaks or mismatches. Our end-forming services include flaring, beading, and threading, designed to meet stringent industry standards. Each technique is carefully chosen based on the tubing application, whether for appliances or critical components in HVAC systems.


Our tubing services are particularly vital in the HVAC and appliance industries, where precision and durability are paramount. In HVAC systems, our precision-cut and end-formed tubes ensure seamless integration and reliable performance under various operating conditions.

Customization and Compliance

Each steel tube we process is customized to fit into complex appliance systems with specific compliance needs. Our ability to adapt and create precisely what our clients need sets us apart, ensuring that every tube is not only functional but also upholds all required standards and regulations.

The fiber laser cutting machine cutting the stainless steel tube control by CNC program. The sheet metal working processing by laser cutting machine make the engrave at the stainless steel pipe parts.

Quality and Reliability

At Phillips Tube Group, quality is at the forefront of what we do. As a women-owned business, we pride ourselves on producing high-quality steel tubing that withstands extreme conditions and rigorous fabrication processes. Our tubes are consistently reliable, providing a foundation of trust with our clients who rely on our products to keep their operations running smoothly.

Join Us in Innovation

If precision, reliability, and quality are what you seek for your tubing needs, look no further. Contact Phillips Tube Group today to discuss how our cutting and end-forming services can enhance your projects. We're here to help you achieve the best in your manufacturing processes, pushing the boundaries of what's possible with steel tubing.